Shebin John


Shebin John is an Indian born Computer Science Enginner, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Consultant, Programmer, etc. He has experience in various sectors such as Blockchain, Programming, Marketing, etc.

Over 5+ Projects

Shebin John has worked in many projects and is also currently working in many other projects as well.

He always works on improving his skills, and on that journey, always learns a new experience and lesson.

 1000's of Connections

Since 2010, he has been in the industry and have been working on mainly networking and getting acquainted with people in this industry.

He has many followers across different networks which includes investors, marketers, programmers, advisors, etc. 


Shebin John's Experience in professional companies.



Worked as an Ambassador in the Indian sector for native support and marketing help.

Play Perfect Money Games

Play Perfect Money Games

Worked as an SEO & in Marketing as well for getting organic as well as paid reach.



Worked as an Advisor to help them achieve their target in ICO to develop their project.

Play Bitcoin Games

Play Bitcoin Games

Worked as an SEO for getting organic reach in Search Engine & increase visibility.



Worked as an administrator and helped in executive works and decisions.

xBTC co

xBTC co

Worked as a marketer & SEO to increase sales and organic reach in Search Engines.


Back in 2014, Shebin and his friends were about to start a medical project, and after a lot of discussion, they came to a decision of choosing "REMEDCU" as the name due to a slogan which we cannot disclose here. As the project didn't worked out well, Shebin was left with the domain and lessons from his first venture. And since then, Shebin used that domain as an alias for his online presence.

In your project, you will probably be having someone to code your project, someone in the marketing of your product or service, someone in the engineering for the concept development, etc, someone in the crypto field, if it is a crypto related project, someone in business section for scaling and running a business. Now you meet someone, who may not be the best in these said fields, but is the jack of all trades. A connection between all these. Would you hire him? If yes, then you have found the best candidate for your project.

These are some of the things which Shebin will be able to provide your company:
* Advise on how to run your project/service
* Marketing help to give your project the eyes it deserves
* SEO tips depending on the access you present to me
* Programming help or support depending on the language you use
* Out of the box thinking to help you find innovative solutions to your questions
* Networking help to get you the resources you need
* Crypto concept consulting
* Bounty Management & Help in Crypto Sector
* Presentation & Pitch Improvements related to project
* Moderation in social chats
These are few of the things which Shebin have hands on experience and have been doing for the past few years.

For Shebin Experience and Networking is the most along with keeping a healthy relationship with the one whom he works with. For the job, depending on the level of involvement, the cause, the work, the cost, etc the price can vary from a fixed price to an equity/token deal. If it is a humanitarian work like charity, and they can prove their claim, then Shebin may even work for free, as he truly believes in giving as well.

For the exact reason you asked, to avoid failures. There's a saying "Not everything in life has to be learned through experience, sometimes learn from other's mistake". And with Shebin's experience in the past ventures he had created, he have learned many valuable lessons which he will be able to provide you on the go. And will support you and make sure you do not repeat that mistake or fall for that. He will make sure you be a success.

Shebin started his career a long time ago. Introduced to the internet with the inspiration to make money, he started back in 2010 or so. So, his first encounter was with advertising business, paid to click, etc. Continuing on the path of advertising, he was introduced to Crypto as well. Then from there he moved to marketing for a company. Then from there he moved to SEO, then slowly to many other venture, crypto trading, advising projects, etc. It was a long time, but the time was utilised well by Shebin. If you consider the timeline, with each year, something new was learned by Shebin, and he never wasted a second and had a doubt when it was time to learn a new useful skill.


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